Sep 09

Welcome to Cannonball Coaching

k and dWelcome to Cannonball Coaching!  My name is Kristin Wiederholt and I am a certified life coach.  I meet with individual clients, teach workshops and write this blog.  I chose cannonball to be the heart of my practice’s name because there is something about the image of children jumping into water that is full of spirit and energy and freedom.  At some point along the way, most of us lose that spirit in our lives; the spirit of leaping into action, even when it won’t be perfect or precise or always beautifully executed. That is what I hope to help clients regain…the energy and joy of leaping into action in all areas of of their lives.

I see this blog as my cannonball:  an act of putting myself out there, my whole self, in a spirit of fun and exploration. What you can expect to find here are snippets of thought, things that have struck me, openings to explore, assumptions to be challenged.  I hope what I write will get you thinking, wondering, and appreciating yourself and all that you are.

I invite you to explore the rest of my website to find out more about me and the services I offer.