Nov 10

Showing oneself

I read Barbara Kingsolver’s novel, La Lacuna, a while ago and one quote still sticks in my mind.  One of the characters in the book is Frida Kahlo.  At some point, she tells the main character (I have no idea if this is something she really said) that the most interesting thing about people is the thing nobody knows.   I’m not sure it’s completely true, but I do think there is some intrinsic truth there.  And I’m not talking about secrets or juicy gossip.   I’m talking about basic things we withhold for no apparent reason except maybe that it makes us feel exposed…and feeling exposed can be uncomfortable.

Society teaches us to manage our image, project what we think will be accepted.  We don’t trust that people will be able to handle what we have to show.   But it’s not really our job to figure out what everyone wants to see.  It’s our job to be who we are and let people be inspired by that…or turned off.  It doesn’t really matter.

What is that most interesting thing about you that nobody knows?