Nov 10

A Hole is to Dig

I came across one of my favorite children’s books yesterday:  A Hole is to Dig by Ruth Krauss and Maurice Sendak.   There is something so elemental about it, so uncomplicated.  It’s a book of first definitions.  “A hole is to dig,” “Children are to love,” “A face is so you can make faces,” and so on.  As adults we often over-think things and forget about what is most basic and true.

After reading the book again, I thought about a few things I’ve been doing mental gymnastics over and took each thing down to its most basic element and made a statement.  For example, I do a lot of thinking about how I can be a good parent to my children and that can take on a frightening array of dimensions (how much to push or not/extra activities/academics/friends/independence) etc. etc.  When I refocused my statement to something I know to be true, “My children are to love,” I was already there.  Loving them, not confused at all.  And that feels good.

So I’m going to play with this idea of bringing things back to an elemental statement when I feel myself spinning.  What do I know to be true?  It’s not that all the other dimensions and questions don’t matter, but sometimes it’s good to remember that “a hole is to dig.”