Oct 11

Doing the Unexpected

I like routine and habit as much as the next person, but I had one of those moments last week when I was reminded of how great it can be to do something out of my mold.  How that can bring the unexpected.

I was planning to go to a fundraiser for a friend’s women’s theater group, 3 Girls Theatre.  It was across town and parking was sure to be a nightmare.  I was feeling really tired and if the friend I was planning to go with had given me the out, I would happily have stayed at home and read my novel.  But it was one of those extremely rare warm San Francisco evenings, so when she said, Let’s ride bikes!  I couldn’t really find a reason to say no.  I’m too tired sounded lame.  There are too many hills sounded lame too.

So off we went.  Two middle-aged women (Oh god, did I really say that? Is that really what we are?!) in party clothes, wearing bike helmets and crossing San Francisco.  Only one giant hill.  We arrived at the party a bit sweaty, but we decided to call it glowing.  We stayed long past the official end of the party and then we climbed back on our bikes and started the ride home.  It was still warm out and even though we both had plans the next night, my friend declared that this was too nice a night not to stop somewhere on the way home.  So, we did.

We sat at an outdoor table at Zuni’s on Market Street.  We had our picture taken by the guy sitting next to us.  That after he first took a couple of himself…phone facing the wrong way!  We all had a great laugh over that and I still smile when I think about it.

It was just one of those unexpected nights when you feel like life is very special and you wonder why you don’t step out of the mold more often.  Why don’t you?  Why don’t I?