Why Work with a Coach?

I asked myself this question many many times when I was trying to figure out a new career direction after many years of working as a journalist.  I had millions of ideas and was sure that I could figure it out.  Months passed.  Personal deadlines passed and finally I realized my approach wasn’t working.  I needed perspective, someone to challenge my stories, someone to believe in my full potential.  Someone to do for me what I couldn’t do for myself.   Oh my god, did I just admit I can’t do everything by myself?!  Oh, the horror!

I hired a coach.  On our first meeting I admitted all my hesitations to her.  She asked me if I like massages?  Can I give myself a massage?  And then something snapped (in a good way).  I realized that I can do a lot, but I am not equipped to do everything for myself and that’s okay.

So again, why work with a coach?  Because you can’t always give yourself new perspectives or see patterns of behavior.  Because you have stories that feel like truth and only someone else can tell you they are only stories.  Because as much as you believe in yourself, there is still that little voice telling you you’re not enough.  But that little voice isn’t in your coach’s head, so s/he can see what’s really there.  And, most importantly because you’re ready for something to change, but you can’t quite make it happen alone.