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I feel a bit like a broken record these days.  I keep telling my clients to notice, notice, notice.  And so I thought, I’m going to write a post about noticing.  But then I thought, hummmm, I think I might already have done that!   And yes, there is it…noticing (August 25, 2010).  But I still want to write this because I don’t think we notice enough.  Or we leap away from noticing as from a dangerous animal.

I feel sad…no, that’s uncomfortable.

I feel scared…no, don’t do that.

My heart is racing…what’s wrong with me?

I feel great…something’s going to go wrong.

My head hurts…what should I do?

I could go on and on.  We can always leap away from staying where we are…good or bad, comfortable or uncomfortable.  The great thing about noticing is that it’s only that; making an observation.  It’s not a judgment, it’s not a solution…it’s just a statement or series of statements.  The thinking, analyzing, taking action can come later.  For now, just notice.  But notice.  Don’t push it away.  Let it sink in and see what happens.

Yesterday I noticed I was feeling off, angry, sad, frustrated.  It was really uncomfortable, but I decided to let it just be.  Today I’m feeling a bit better and am starting to take some action.