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A friend just sent me a link to a talk by Ken Robinson about creativity.  (To listen, click  here.)  The gist of it is that he believes that schools kill creativity.  This is of particular interest to me now because we are embarking on the process of looking for a high school for my older son in San Francisco.    (Many people  have told me this is worse than applying for university.)  There are academic schools, science schools, arts schools, schools with grades and schools without, and everything in between.  There is a flurry of panic in the air as parents (and students, but they don’t seem as panicked) start this process.  I do not want to panic or get sucked into the hype around each school.  But it’s hard.  And I think that’s maybe because of the way I was educated and taught to think about education.

And that leads me to how this talk feels relevant to coaching.  Ken Robinson’s talk is a strong reminder of how schooling has shaped each of us.  Whether we see it or not, school plays a big part of teaching us how to be in the world.  And, I agree with Robinson, that in most cases, it kills creativity, or at least causes serious damage.  And not just creativity in the arts, but creativity in creating a life we really want to live.  Doing what comes naturally to us, even if it seems strange to most everyone else.

I think I’ll listen to this talk now and again over the next months to remind myself there is a different and creative way to view this process of finding the “right” high school for my son.

How do you think the way you were educated plays into how you live your life today?