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My husband said something to me the other day about how celebrating birthdays is important to me.  I said, no celebrating other people’s birthdays is important to me.  I don’t care about celebrating mine.  And I believe that.  It makes me uncomfortable.  My instinct is to have as normal a day as possible and quietly move on to another year of life.  But it sort of hit me how that’s not really fair.  Why do I get the pleasure of celebrating others, but not let them have that pleasure themselves?

And this has really stuck in my head over the past few days because I have a number of clients who do the very same thing in their lives.  They are always ready to give, but not open to receiving and I have asked them to challenge that.  I have asked them to allow themselves to be open to receiving.  I have asked them to try, just try to do it differently.  How can I keep asking that of them if I’m not ready to do it myself?

Every caution flag set off in my head as I contemplated writing about my birthday here.  What will people think?  Should I write that they don’t have to write to me?  Does this seem pathetic?  The more my mind shouted at me “DON’T DO IT!” the more I thought, this is precisely what I should do.  Sit with my discomfort.  I actually really like the idea of starting a new year of life pushing myself to try something new.

So there you have it.  I look at the blue “Publish” button and it looks back at me.  Will I push it?  What will it feel like?  Well, at 45 I am about to find out!

Happy Birthday to me…