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I watched a TED talk by Roger Ebert a few days ago.  It made me cry.  I only vaguely knew of his story, and I had never seen him at the height (or was it the height?) of his career as a movie critic… when he was part of Siskel and Ebert.  I didn’t watch them, but it was hard not to know of their thumbs up and down rating system.

For someone to put themselves out there is such a public way…mouth literally hanging open, is incredibly moving.  There he is with what looks like a perpetual goofy smile on his face talking about incredibly hard things and looking unflinchingly into the audience.  He calls it like it is and shares his pain and struggle.  I can imagine an overpowering desire to disappear, to hide, but he holds on to the voice he lost.  (Click here to watch and hear his talk.  I encourage you to check it out… even for a few minutes.)

Everyone has their particular circumstances.  Their particular challenges, handicaps, and weaknesses, alongside their strengths, gifts and  successes.  It’s what we do of all these things that make up who we are.  I am moved and inspired by this man, Roger Ebert’s, strength and will and vulnerability and sense of humor.  May we all live our lives with the grace and humility he has found and shared.