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I find that a lot of my clients have that list of things they should do, want to do, think would be good for them.  But for whatever reason, they don’t do it.  It just hangs out there making them feel slightly guilty or bad about not taking it on.

The thing about many of those “to dos” is that we have a story about what it will bring us if we do it, and yet often we actually have no idea.   “I will feel better if I get up every morning an hour earlier,” “I will be a better person if I read the news every day,” “I will be more satisfied with my life if I go out in the evening more.”  The list goes on and on.  But do you really know the effect any given action will have on your life. Even if it’s something that has worked in the past, things change and maybe it will be different.

So, I say, try it on!  Imagine that thing you want to do is an article of clothing on a hanger.  It looks beautiful and you covet it.  But who knows what will happen when you try it on.  I sometimes try beautiful and expensive things on with the hope I won’t like them on me.  Then I can let go coveting them and move on happily.  And if they are as beautiful as I thought, then I just might be ready/willing to splurge.  The point is that now I am fully informed and am not acting based on assumptions.

So, pick one of those things:  gardening, cooking more, exercising, spending time with friends, making jewelry, listening to music, stretching and try it on!  You don’t have to buy it, but at least you’ll know more.