What clients say

“Working with Kristin has meant to me: having someone, who’s not friend or family, who helps me focus, move forward, set and achieve goals, move beyond my comfort zone, and become a doer more than a talker. One of the areas that I’ve worked on a lot with Kristin is my work/career. When I first met her more than two years ago, I didn’t have a job and was feeling lost in terms of my career. Since then, she has helped me get a new job twice (!), and although for the most part I was the one who made it all happen, a big part has also come from Kristin’s support as well as her knowledge and ability to give me the tools to move forward, even after my initial job applications were rejected.

I find Kristin to be an intuitive and smart life coach. As her client, I highly recommend Kristin’s services; working with her has been one of the best investments I’ve made on myself, my personal and professional growth — it’s priceless!” February 23, 2011

“Kristin at Cannonball Coaching was tremendously helpful working with me thru a life altering transitional time. Kristin always had clear insights which gave me a keener insight leading me to solid decision making. She was also instrumental in bringing me to finding my inner happiness.”  June, 2011