What to Expect

  • Expect to talk with someone who wants you to succeed.
  • Expect to be supported by someone who will tell you the truth.
  • Expect to learn.
  • Expect life to look and feel a little different.
  • Expect to see choices where before you saw none.
  • Expect the unexpected.

Oh, that’s not what you expected?!

Okay, we will talk on the phone* or in person** at our scheduled time.  It is up to you to bring the topic and to be ready to explore it.  I will ask you lots of questions and tell you what I observe.  We might brainstorm, we might come up with a plan of action, we might delve into your feelings.  You decide what kind of follow-up and homework you want.

* don’t knock the phone until you’re tried it!  I was very skeptical of phone coaching when I first started…how can you connect with someone if you can’t see them?  But there are some real advantages for coaching over the phone.  Sometimes it’s easier to talk about hard stuff if you’re not being looked at.  Sometimes it’s easier to be productive and open if you’re in your own space.  It is amazing how much comes across over the phone.  And then there is video-skype…
* *in person right now means you are in the Bay Area.  I have a tranquil little garden office perfect for meeting with clients…just ask.